Specialized Stringed Instruments Are Available

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This owned by Nikolai Tambovsky. He managed this shop and has been creating and selling instruments in the violin family for more than thirty years. He is also one of the most excellent recognized modern violin manufacturers in the world where his instruments are utilized by players all over the country and worldwide. His long years of experience as a musician is his edge to the other performers. His most important purpose is to provide superior and premium instruments and accessories at very reasonable prices. You can look into this site for a variety of items. You can choose the preference you want. Because the owner is an expert maker plus acknowledged as an experienced repairer and restorer of instruments in the violin family, you will be satisfied for the instrument you prefer.

Given that business in more than 3 decades ago, this has been a complete-service in West Palm Beach shop focusing on the fixing, reinstallation, evaluations, and vending of stringed instruments and their bows. Each item and service can be purchased at viable prices. Even though, we have long years experience of selling stringed instruments, we still thrilled to present our clients with the finest quality and value. As the biggest complete-service stringed instrument shop on the Florida Violin Shop likewise maintaining a status of reliability and expertise. We encourage your inquiries and aspire to meet your musical requests and necessities. With striking music comes great task, however we all know things take place. Whether your bridge splits or your bow is in require of a re-hair, we have the qualified expertise to deal with any repair